APU/PFSense 2.3 hangs while booting on VLANs

  • Hi,

    First and foremost I hope this is the right subforum for this question.
    If not, I appologize.

    I am trying to install a new APU2 as fw in a network running pfsense 2.3.
    Installation went fine and configuring the interfaces and basic settings via the GUI as well.
    For the WAN to work I need to use a VLAN (131). When I do this via GUI the connection comes up as expected and I receive an IP over DHCP from the ISP.

    However, when I reboot the machine remains unreachable.
    Looking via the console I see it is hanging. The last thing it says is:

    'Configuring VLAN interfaces…'

    Rebooting results into the same.

    Now, when I physically remove the WAN cable from the interface, pfsense does boot as expected.
    When I plug back in the WAN cable and choose 'assign IP to interface' (or whatever its called) to force a new dhcpreq for my wan it mentions it is saving the WAN config.
    This takes longer than I am used to (~15-20sec), but afterwards the interface and connection are UP though. (incl dhcp lease from my isp)

    When I reboot the apu2 again, it hangs again like before..

    Anyone any clue?
    Should I test anything, or ie provide logs, please be so kind to tell me how to collect them for you.
    (I am a BSD noob and happy there is a menu in the console and an amazing GUI for further usage) ;-)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Anyone any idea or suggestions what to try/check please?
    I am considering trying the latest pre-2.3 version.. would that be a good option?

    (not sure what exactly has been changed in 2.3.. Any vulnerabilities to take into account for example?)

  • Anyone, please..?

  • Did you get an answer to this? Having this issue with WAN INTERFACE right now.

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