Strange H323 NAT behaviour

  • Hello Folks,

    i'm using PfSense for over one year now and have several FWs with pfsense out there which i manage.
    Now i installed a GNUGK for Firewall Traversal H323 Connections through the PF Firewall with PFsense.
    So far everything works, unless i only register one System out of my LAN to my external GK (for testing purposes there is no Firewall infront of the GNUGK and it has a public IP)
    But when i register 2 or more Systems in the same LAN to the IP of the Gatekeeper which obvisiouly works fine, i can't call them internally.
    When i check the registrations on the Gatekeeper i noticed every System out of my LAN ist registered with my outgoing public NAT IP ( When i do some 1:1 NAT to one System an it gets another public IP ( and registers with this IP at the GNUGK. Then i can call the Systems internally. So i think i've got here a little Problem with my NATing, cause the H323 Call signaling opens Port 1720 but i think the way back to the other System is blocked or something. I've already added a Pass in/out Rule for the IP of my GNUGK to the PFsense, but this has no effect.
    Can someone point me in the right direction where i should look after?
    I already enabled NAT Reflection (PureNAT) but even this Setting has no effect.

    Thanks in advance

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