Captive Portal no longer working 2.2.6

  • I have captive Portal configured on a vlan.


    DHCP entries specified:


    All devices connect, recieve IP.  Sometimes I can run ping on iphone and sometimes not.  It is random.

    I have rebuilt firewall 3 times now with no success.

    If I put the old unit back running 2.1 it has no problems with displaying the captive portal page so I dont think it is the switch!

    I even added 1 to net.inet.ip.fastforwarding in the system tuneables

    I have another vlan that is using WPA Enterprise and that is working and passing traffic.

    Now additional issues.

    So I can ping IP on wan but DNS resolution is not working.

    I have and in General>DNS for WAN interface.

  • Hi !

    You use the default built-in html portal age ?
    If not, do so, and case solved ;)
    (look carefully at Services => CaptivePortal=> ZONE => Configuration, the example html page )

  • So it looks like for some reason Google DNS is not working from this location at all.  I disabled DNS resolver and enabled DNS Forwarder and changed DNS under general to Comcast instead of google and all working.  :o

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