• Hey guys,

    Brand new to pfsense, so bear with me.

    I recently came into an XTM 505 for free, and wanted to install pfsense on it to play around with.

    I purchased a Cisco Serial cable to allow me to go from the ethernet console port on the WG, to the serial port on the back of a desktop i have.

    I downloaded putty, and have used the default settings recommended, 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, none parity, none flow, as well as trying a couple other variations on the speed, but with no luck even getting putty to access it.

    When i turn the watchguard on, it just shows "WG BIOS V1.3" on the lcd screen.

    Any ideas for me to try would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

  • Default speed is 115200


    Are you sure your com port is working on your computer?

  • Hey thanks for the reply!,

    I've tried those settings.

    I've tried it on two different computers, double checked the settings through device manager and made sure that they matched up.

    Im hoping its a bunk cable that i bought, requested a replacement that should be here today/tomorrow.

    Really hope that the box isn't toast :(

  • Just thought i'd update

    Ended up having to use hyperterminal to access the box, couldn't for the life of me get Putty to work.

    It is now up and running the latest PfSense! Now i just need to figure out how to lower the fan speeds….those dang things are LOUD!