Bridged transparent firewall block broadcast /dhcp

  • I think this is what i want, i have an existing network on I would like to use pfsense as an additional inline firewall to serve dhcp and block access to everything except internet (gateway and server

    Here's how ive got it so far, im writing this after the fact so my memory may be hazy.

    NAT disabled.

    OPT1: NONE
    WAN:, GW: = 0

    DHCP and DNS running on

    Everything seems to work except one thing. DHCP offers are leaving the WAN interface and being offered to clients on the subnet, DHCP requests are coming in via WAN side. Ive tried firewall rules on WAN and floating rules on WAN/OUT.

    How do i stop this?

    I've also tried

    OPT1:, GW:
    WAN: NONE = 1

    Rules on both OPT1 and WAN, no luck.

    Can DHCP broadcast be blocked?

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