• hi, please help.

    i have been running pf 2.1.5 for a long time with no issue.
    since last 3 weeks i have been having issues with uploads.

    when some one uploads to dropbox or google drive my internet gets compleltly slow until the upload is done .

    after upload everything becomes normal.

    i have dsl connection which is in bridge mode going to the pfsense box.

    Please help

  • HI hamuod,

    Be sure that this upload is not using all your upload rate, it could affect the download as well, because when you are downloading you need send ack packets and if your upload is full  it will cause slowness.


  • i have limited the upload speed to 900 kbs on the dsl modem.

    so i am not exceeding the upload speed

  • Sounds like you need to set up traffic shaping so that the upstream direction of your connection doesn't get clogged.


  • It's possible your performance has actually improved. Bufferbloated networks have this peculiar characteristic that sometimes being faster makes you slower. If your ISP or drop box service has suddenly increased in performance, you may be pushing up against your max bandwidth, which can trigger many issues with bufferbloat, like high pings times and packetloss. Like kpa mentioned, give traffic shaping a try. Even something as simple as enabling Codel and setting your upload bandwidth may be enough. Very easy. It may be something else, but give the easy fixes a chance.