WAN rule works, floating not

  • Hi all,

    I'm facing this strange problem on a fresh installation of pfSense version 2.3.1_1.

    I have two WAN:

    WAN_1 is the default gateway
    WAN_2 is the one used for all incoming traffic

    No traffic shaping, balancing, ect.

    LAN is

    SMTP in is allowed on both interfaces.
    I have two NATs, one for each interface, with the relative firewall rule.

    I had to setup a manual Outbout NAT to replace source IP address for the traffic coming from the WAN_2 interface.

    If I disable both firewall rules and create a new floating rule:

    Action : Pass
    Quick : yes | no (doesn't matter, i tryed both)
    Interface: WAN_1 and WAN_2
    Direction : in | any (doesn't matter, tryed both)
    Famili : IPv4
    Protocol : TCP
    Source : any
    Destination : any port 25

    When connecting using the WAN_1 public address everything works fine.
    When using the WAN_2 address I can't connect.

    Enabling log on the rule I can see that the traffic is allowed, the seems like the Outbound NAT is not having effect.

    To me it all seems correct, am I missing something?

    Thank you in advance.

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