Public IP's in DMZ

  • Hello everyone,

    i am using ESXI 5.5 on OVH network with Pfsense 2.2. I have 5 IP blocks from them. the following is how i have set things up using example IP addresses.

    Block 1 =
    block 2 =
    block 3 =
    block 4 =

    I have tried to implement all blocks into one Bridged to WAN DMZ interface with each block having a virtual IP block attached to the WAN interface with no success.

    what i have now works to an extent but i have issues with public access from the DMZ.

    What i have done was created 3 DMZ interfaces for blocks 2-4 and using block 1 for WAN interface.

    • WAN = block 1

    • DMZ_56 = block 2

    • DMZ_57 = block 3

    • DMZ_58 = block 4

    i have added a virtual IP block attached to the WAN interface for each IP block.

    block 2 =
    block 3 =
    block 4 =

    issued the next ip address of each block to the IP's Dedicated DMZ interface.

    • DMZ_56 = IP

    • DMZ_57 = IP

    • DMZ_58 = IP

    I have bridged all DMZ interfaces with the wan interface.

    I now can connect to any machine within the DMZ remotely from my desktop.

    All my DMZ interfaces have the same rules set in the firewall and WAN rules are set appropriately.

    Now for my issue, Interface DMZ_56 can access the internet and ping any outside address, But Interfaces DMZ_57 and DMZ_58 cannot access the internet even though i can access the machines remotely.

    What am i doing wrong? I have even tried to open the firewall completely with no luck.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Can anyone give me a hand here. Im lost and its been days of me trying and cant get access.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Do you have a bunch of blocks on one interface (which would be less-than-optimal) or are blocks 2,3 and 4 routed to an address on block 1?

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