Xmlrpc makes iproutes disappear on slave

  • Greetings,

    I set up two pfsense with master and slave dedicated link as described in the doc. Everything is working pfsync and xmlrpc sync. Yet I have a specific routing config (ovh) and after an xmlrpc sync, connection to the webgui is lost. When console login on the server, it is still up and working, yet the routes config are lost (on the slave). After a reboot of the slave everything is fine : the config is updated on slave and the routes too (they are automatically loaded by shellcmd). Performing only a pfsync does not break rules.
    Is there any way to trigger an automatic reload of routes after a xmlrpc sync ? Or any way to have xmlrpc not destroy the route info config. I tried to check or uncheck copy route between master and slave. And master and slave share the same routing info.
    Thanks of lot for any help,
    Best regards.