How to add OpenVPN Server failover link on Clients

  • Hi all,

    First I want to apologise if this has previously been asked. I have had trouble locating the info required!

    I have one pfSense server with local IP
    10 pfSense clients with local IP-s -
    They are connected together over OpenVPN site-to-site
    This connection is working fine.

    I have 2 links on pfSense Server (primary and failover)
    What i want to do.

    I want to tell clients when OpenVPN server is unavailable on primary link, when primary link is down, that they connect to server using failover link.
    I Tryed adding multiple openVPN client connections and remote routs but that didnt work :(
    Is this possible, what is the best practise and how to do that?
    Thanks a lot

  • Hi,

    I have a similiar configuration and have reconfigured my OpenVPN a few days ago according to this document :
    It seems to be working. If I disconnect my first WAN connection on the OpenVPN Server side, the Client reconnects after a short time via the second link.
    If the first link is back up, when I disconnect the second link, the client switches back to the first link.

    With this configuration the client side won't reconnect automaticaly if the primary gets back online stays on the second connection as long as it is available or until you reconnect the client side, but this is exactly how I want it to work.

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