Roku android app and Roku 3

  • The Roku app on my tablet cannot see my Roku 3. My pFsense system is 64 bit, latest updates…I have a PCI wireless card installed to use it as a wireless router. My Roku can get to the internet no issues, NetFlix, Youtube, etc. all work fine. Roku is also using wireless. I suspect that I need some sort of firewall rule to pass traffic from the app. Any thoughts? Ideas? Thanks,


  • The way you describe it (wireless on a card in the pfsense box), the wireless is likely on a different subnet/interface than the roku.

    If that's the case, then you would need to ensure your firewall rules allow traffic between those two networks (or IPs), and then input the Roku IP address in the app manually (auto discover won't work in different subnets).

  • The the Roku is on the same wireless as my tablet…I have tried manually entering the IP and no luck. The tablet and Roku IP's are I checked my logs and found this @9(1000000103) block drop in log inet all label "Default deny rule IPv4", the current IP of my Roku is destination IP is The log entry is from my Roku on the WIFI interface.

  • That IP which is being blocked ( is Amazon.  I don’t see the connection between this issue and your stated problem of your Roku tablet app not being able to see your Roku 3?  What exactly is the problem?

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    Post up what your seeing in the log and your firewall rules.. I would guess what your seeing is out of state traffic to the internet.  As to devices on wifi talking to each other - do you have isolation turned on?

  • I enabled "Allow intra-BSS communication" under my WIFI config..and it works now. Thanks everyone.


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