Creating a /22 for over 1000 IPs issues

  • I've had some issues for a guest wireless network I have created.  If I use a /24, everything works great.  If I flip to a /22, I get an IP handed out, but nothing works.
    Can't ping the gateway, can't hit the internet.

    If someone has a subnet created that large, please post the configuration.



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    And where exactly did you flip this to /22 and what gateway is set?  So you have 1000 some users connecting to some little wifi card in your pfsense box and you wonder why it doesn't work?

    Or do you have multiple real AP and pfsense is just the gateway?

  • I have 12 Ubiquity APs and that will grow as the use grows.  I have a Pfsense appliance that is running the firewall and DHCP.  I can appreciate the question to my question, but I can't even get 1 IP to work let alone 1000.  The endpoint gets an IP from DHCP and it does feel like the wrong gateway is there, but the IP is assigned to the interface/subnet and that is what I used.

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    What is the IP you set on pfsense?  When your mask of /22 and what is a dhcp client getting?

    On a side note 1000 users all on the same broadcast domain is a lot of broadcasting.. Can you not just have different networks in different areas..  But sure /22 would work so if not you got something wrong… So please post up your interface config, can you ping this from any machine ie not wireless?

    What are you firewall rules?  Did you have them hard coded to your previous network and didn't expand it?  Or is it set with say lan network or whatever interface you have your wifi connected too?

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