Wifi users (mobile or tablets) unable to connect to BBC iPlayer,Amazon Video etc

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am turning to you guys as this problem seems to only occur when I plug everything to go through my pfSense build. The problem is simple : All wifi users connecting via the internal network are not able to connect to certain apps and services running on those devices.
    Apps like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hay Day, iTunes AppStore, Google Store, no longer works.
    The strange thing is that this problem suddenly occured about 2 years ago.. and then it came back but now it has stopped working agin after I swotched ISPs.

    Before you say, its the ISP that is at fault - I have checked their settings and also have tested using their broadband router and everything works perfectly - the same was true with the previous ISP (when it went offline, I was able to use their own PPPOE router to connect those services).

    I have tested this on iPhone, Kindle (Android), iPad and all these devices seem no longer able to connect to these services anymore.

    Wired users are able to connect to iPlayer and Amazon Prime without any problems

    My setup does not make use of any proxy service from pfSense and its directly connecting out.

    I have attached pfsense NAT rule (I have tried Automatic outbound NAT, and tried Hybrid Outbound NAT but neither made any difference)

    wifi users are ending up connected to the same IP address range as wired users (

    If anyone has any ideas where I may have gone wrong then please feel free to let me know.

    Many thanks,


  • Hello, I am having the same problem… Have you solve It???

    Thank you

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