Pfsense won't start anymore.

  • I've been having this problem over the past couple months which is very sporadic.  Some days I turn my pfsense box on and I need to reboot because I get no access from any of my computers and no wireless connectivity.  After one or sometimes two reboots it works good as new.
    Well today all it does it get to the point of the pictures I took and then automatically reboots.  Can anyone please help me with this problem ?  I've never encountered anything like it.

    I turn my pfsense box off every night by just cutting the power to it.  I suspect this might be what caused it act up.

  • Is it possible to delete /var/db/pkg  from the 'loader prompt' ?

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    You may just need to run a disk check. From the boot menu choose single user mode (option 2 IIRC) and then at the prompt, run:

    fsck -y -t ufs /

    And run that until it runs and doesn't find any errors.

    Deleting the pkg database is not something you should do

  • Could it be an errant .pid file that makes it think that there is a lock when there isn't really one?

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