• Hello everyone,
    I have been fighting with an issue for a little while now and I have searched this forum and followed a few others documents I found on this issue.

    pfsense is working great from the same vlan where pfsense is installed, which is in my datacenter. I have 2 networks available in my datacenter one is internal only, the other has an internet connection. I have set the LAN and WAN nics correctly and everything from VLAN 5, my datacenter vlan, works great. I cannot however ping the pfsense LAN interface or route traffic to the internet from any other vlan. I can ping the domain controller in that vlan from other vlans but just not pfsense.

    I am going to take screenshots tonight when I get back on the job but here is a quick sketch of my diagram.
    I have checked all the usual rules and interfaces, but I think I am overlooking something, I am out of ideas, does anyone know where I can look next?