[RESOLVED] Network mapping like netmap iptables extension possible ?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I cannot find any solution allowing us to do the same thing as "netmap" in shorewall/iptables/netfilter. The goal is to translate all addresses from one network into another one.

    The problem is sometimes remote users have network address conflicts, for example : which is a very common network. If this network is used on both sides, it is not possible for users to access to the remote one and the local one at the same time. One thing iptables/netfilter can does is to translate a complete network into another one, for example in, then the behavior is :

    [Remote user access to] <-> [Remote firewall with netmap] <->

    I can't see any feature like this in pfsense

    That true to use common local networks is not a good idea but it is a very old network which is going to be replaced in the future, but meanwhile we need to find a solution

    Thank you for advance !

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