Pokemon Go issues on campus LAN

  • Hi all

    I was wondering if other sysadmins have been getting requests from management about blocking Pokemon Go?

    I was going to block by server or domain, but I cannot find information about FQDN or IPs of Pokemon servers.

    Is there perhaps traffic ID approach?

    We are not trying to prevent people from playing the game, since they can just move over to their mobile data. We just don't want it on our network; our bandwidth is very limited and while per-device data for Pokemon is low, when dozens are playing, we see the impact.


  • Off topic, but depending on how badly over-subscribed you are, proper traffic shaping and keep saturated connections feel fast and make sure critical services always have the bandwidth they need. My rule of thumb is all unknown services get low priority. It doesn't matter if I have 92Mb/s coming down from torrent seeders while uploading 98Mb/s to others, my wife's watching an 8Mb/s 1080p Netflix video stream, my 100Mb connection stays under 2ms ping and 0.01% packet-loss.

    You can do this in addition to blocking unwanted traffic.