IPsec connection established, no traffic

  • Hi all,

    We have a iPsec connection, the connection is established but there is no traffic. I can't ping the hosts on the other side.

    I have the Allow all traffic rule on the firewall for the Ipsec.

    How can i debug this further to give you more information?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • That shows nothing is matching your P2 to go across the tunnel.

  • So our subnet on the otherside was already in use by another VPN. We changed it to This is a unknown local subnet. How can I add a route so that all the traffic from the local subnet ( goes to I don't want to change the whole local network.

  • Ok, with the help of some experts we got it working. If you ipsec gives you a local network that is not your local network create a virtual ip that is that subnet. Then add a secondary ip in that network on your local computer. Add a static route on the computer. And it's up.  ;D

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