Bridge two distinct networks on the same subnet

  • Alright, so my house has two separate networks, because we have two separate internet connections.

    Network 1 (pfsense):
    Network 2 (standard router):

    I have a USB NIC in the pfsense router which I would like to use to connect Network 1 to Network 2 WITHOUT allowing DHCP.  I've got a firewall rule set up to block UDP ports 67-68 on the USB NIC, so that part's fine.

    The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get the networks to see each other, or at least stay connected.  I've set the USB NIC IPv4/IPv6 Config type to None, speed and duplex set to none, I've added it to a bridge with the standard LAN connection, and I've got a default allow all rule on the USB NIC (under the DHCP block rule).  Nonetheless, I'm unable to ping any address on the network from

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    Why would you want to bridge two separate networks in that way?

    You should be able to route between them just fine, assuming you can add a static route on the other non-pfSense firewall. Trying to bridge that is … not going to end well.

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    if these are 2 internet connections why don't you just connect them both into pfsense and use it for load balancing and or failover, etc.  Not sure what 2 wan/internet connections has to do with what network you use on the inside.. Even if used 2 different routers and pointed each client to their own gateway for "internet" access you can still just make 1 local network..

    Do you not have a switch, are you just using the switch ports on your "router" ?

    Connect pfsense lan port to lan port of your "router" set pfsense lan and router lan to be on same network - there you go.  Only issue is can only run 1 dhcp server, which can only point to 1 gateway.  So devices you want to point to other gateway you would need to set static.

    But not sure why you don't just use this other internet as 2nd wan on pfsense?  See example of using 2 different internet connections on 2 different routers, etc.  You sure wouldn't bridge anything on pfsense to use 1 local network..

    Or sure you could use this other routers network as another lan for pfsense.  But you would run into asymmetrical routing issues..

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