Ubiquiti AccessPoint Discover not possible.

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    at the opt1 inteface i want to allow guests to surf in the internet. I have connected an ubiquiti Accesspoint to the opt1-interface ( (pre configured in the lan network,
    It works, but i want sometimes to configure options. I installed in the area of the LAN inteface the ubiquiti discover tool. But the tool doesn't find the accesspoint.
    Is there a firewall rule or route i must configure that my "uniFi Controller" on my windows server can discover the access point in the opt1 network?
    Thank you.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So out the box your AP need to be on the same layer 2 to discover them.  If your going to put your AP on different layer 2 than your controller you need to do layer 3 adoption, etc.


    Please make sure you're familiar with how UniFi works (e.g. where AP and Controller is in the same L2) before you attempting L3 Management. L3 management adds many moving parts in the mix (i.e. added complexity).

    UniFi AP has a default inform URL http://unifi:8080/inform. Thus, the purpose of using DHCP option 43 or DNS is to allow the AP to know the IP of the controller.

  • ok, thank you, johnpoz.


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