IPSEC packet capture

  • I've setup IPSEC VPN to another host (not pfSense) with both version 2.1.5 (and also tried version 2.3.2 comm version).  the both "seems" to be up, but the far end says they do not see traffic coming in via IPSEC, they see traffi coming from WAN side.  So how do I tell if my traffic INDEED was sent via the IPSEC tunnel via packet capture.  When I send traffic to the far end IP (is a public IP, it is a public to public IP address IPSEC tunnel), I went to the data capture and pick the interface IPSEC, I get nothing.  But when I choose WAN I get the data.  So does that mean pfSense IS USING WAN instead of IPSEC interface to send the traffic?  Is there some routing I'm suppose to do?  I thought that routing is done automatically by pfSense once the IPSEC tunnel is up, no?  Or unless it says IPsec is up but it really isn't?  How to tell, I don't see any error in the log when the tunnel comes up.

    Thank you!

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