PfSync to 'offline' server

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    I have a pfSense 'Edge' router.  I have one public IP for that edge router.  I have two servers; one is in production and one is currently powered off.  I would like to power on the server and sync the production config over to 'backup'.

    To minimize down time, I wanted to have a 'warm stand-by' up and running so worst case I swap cables if the hardware dies or has a problem.

    Since the 'WAN' and 'LAN' interfaces will literally be unplugged, is there any reason why pfSync wouldn't work?

    Thanks ahead of time for any assistance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfsync would be state sync, which wouldn't would want/need in a cold spare.

    For config sync, XMLRPC might be helpful but honestly for a cold spare like that just take periodic backups of the primary and restore them in-full to the cold spare. XMLRPC sync would add a lot of complexity for very little net benefit in that case.

  • Understood!  Thank you for your in-site and your time!

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