My brand new SG-4860-1U boxes get locked for some minutes after a power outage

  • Hi there Community,

    I just got 2 brand new SG-4860-1U and got socked in my initial tests because of a really nasty behaviour.

    Any time I switch an appliance off (manually, just trying to simulate a power outage) it doesn't boot after. It requires to be completely disconnected from the power line for some minutes before it gets up and running again. After I simulate this power outage the appliances seem completely broken as if they had a power supply problem but get up and running after some minutes disconnected from the power line.

    I may assume it is some kind of safeguard to avoid getting any corruption in the filesystem of the internal SSD disks.. OK … but enabled by default and undocumented?

    Let me clarify: I had already packed an unit to be sent back to the reseller as I thought it got broken just after 20 minutes of use... but when it happened to the second unit only power-cycling it in a "bad way" I realised it could be "a feature" instead of a problem.

    So, my question is quite short: is there a way to disable this "feature" ? 'cause it may have a good objetive but if my UPS get exhausted the systems will not get up and running automatically as soon as the power comes back but completely down. Even worse, it will need a manual intervention (just to turn the switch off, to wait some minutes drinking a cup of coffee and turning it up).

    Really, thank you in advance for any help,


  • Hey, I just have the same problem. I've been googling for a long time about this issue and found nothing. I thought it was just my appliance. It's quite bothering to wait for such a long time for having the firewall back and running. Btw, no temp sensors or any other alerts, just the firewall doesn't boot at all until something like 5 minutes have passed.

    Any feedback, PLEASE?

  • Same thing happening to me.

    Waiting a few minutes and pressing the power button on the back brings it back.

    If this is a feature, I wish there was a way to turn it off!

  • Hmm thought I was crazy too - we got a SG-4860-1U around August and I experienced this 2 or 3 times as the power was cut unexpectedly during the construction of a new office.  Firewall is working fine now and is attached to an APC battery but I would like to hear an official word on whether this is a "feature" or a "something else" ??  We had some tense minutes when the firewall would not turn back on and I realized I hadn't made a backup of the config yet etc etc…  :o

  • It might be able that you all where affected by an power outage and a write cycle problem
    on the internal NAND storage, that can be easily solved by using an ACP UPS.

  • No I am talking about physically no power to the logic board of the firewall.  You're pressing the power button and nothing's happening-  no lights, no beeps, nothing.  So this is before we can even start talking about corrupt filesystems.

  • I know that the original post is getting old but I never found a valid reason as to why this was happening.
    So, I wrote to Netgate support and asked. This is the answer I got back.

    The 1U SG series systems have a capacitor in the Power Supply Unit (PSU) that will retain the current state. In certain circumstances, it's possible that this will prevent the unit from rebooting after a power loss.

    This is a desirable feature, as we would prefer these not to go through repeated reboots. These are enterprise-level systems and should be on a UPS. Once in this state, all it requires is removing power from the system for ~1 minute to drain the capacitor, and it will boot normally after that.

    The BIOS/Board can be updated to eliminate this feature if you would like to return the units paying shipping in both directions. Other than that there would be no charge.
    Please let me know how you would like to proceed. If you would like to return them for reprogramming, please provide the serial numbers and I will begin the process.

    Thank you.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • That is interesting (undocumented, up to now) information indeed!  Would have saved much head scratching at the time.  Very helpful, thank you for posting it.

    Rather than shipping back and forth, would it be possible for a BIOS to be sent via PM etc. so that we can update these ourselves? It would save much hassle and be nice not to have to put a temporary firewall in place during the cross ship time.

  • Netgate

    you probably don't have the tooling to effect the firmware update.

  • I know this is an older post but I just wanted to share my experience with the SG-4860-1U and power outages.

    I have my appliance connected to a Eaton 9130 UPS. Big storm last night and I was emailed at 6:30pm by my security system that there was a power outage. I logged in remotely to my SG-4860 and sure enough my UPS Status told me I was on battery power and had 90 minutes left before the batteries drained completely.

    My SG-4860 shut down when the battery charge hit the default setting for battery charge left.

    When the power was restored at 10:00am the next morning, my ups automatically powered up and then my SG-4860 did the same.

    Just wanted to say thanks as it made me look like I knew what I was doing when I recommended purchasing the SG-4860 and UPS.

    On a side note: My suite is new construction less than 7 months old and multiple neighboring suites have had to replace their blown out network equipment because they didn't have it protected by a UPS.

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