Medium sized pfSense Appliance - scope7-8759

  • I would like to introduce you to our medium sized pfSense appliance - scope7-8759.
    The scope7-8759 is completely pre-installed and partly pre-configured with pfSense.



    • Intel® Core i5 with AES-NI

    • 8GB DDR3

    • 80GB Intel server-grade SSD

    • Two USB 2.0 ports

    • One system fan & Two CPU fans

    • 1 x PCI-e ( 8 ) Gold finger for expansion

    CPU:    Intel® Core i5 with AES-NI
    Chipset:    Intel C226
    Memory Technology:    8 GB DDR3 1333 RAM
    Memory Capacity:    8GB

    SATA storage:    80GB Intel server-grade SSD

    Ethernet controller:    1 x Intel i217, 7 x Intel i210AT
    Default LAN:    8 x RJ45 GbE LAN ports
    Console:    1 x RJ45
    USB 2.0:    2 x USB 2.0

    Power and Mechanical
    Expansion:    1 X PCI-E( 8 )golden finger
    Cooling:    1 x System fan, 2 x CPU fans with fan duck, 2 x Chipset Passive Heatsink, 1 x CPU Passive Heatsink
    Power:    1U ATX 220W PS

    Certifications:    CE, FCC Class A, RoHS

    Physical and Environmental
    Storage temperature:    -20ºC to 70ºC
    Operating temperature:    0ºC to 40ºC
    Dimensions (W x H x D):    431 mm x 44 mm x 415 mm (16.81" x 1.72" x 16.18")
    Operating humidity:    5% to 90% (non-condensing)
    Storage humidity:    5% to 95% (non-condensing)
    Watchdog:    Yes
    Internal RTC:    with Li Battery

    Why Landitec?

    Landitec is the european qualified and certified Distributor of Lanner Electronics Inc. products.
    The high quality, service, RMA and support of Landitec is approved by Lanner and honored with highest ranking.

    Why resellers buy from Landitec:

    I.  Professional assembly with tested industrial grade components.

    II.  Database with serial numbers of each component. (Preventive error
    detection in batch fault.)

    III.  BurnIn Test 24h after assembling. Installation of pfSense and
    configuration of network ports. Final quality test before shipping.

    IV.  WEEE registered (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

    V.  Normally on stock - delivery next business day.

    VI.  RMA and Support inside EU and during european office hours - smart and
    in time. Cost-efficient because of delivery from Germany.

    Why customers shouldn‘t buy the barbone hardware from Lanner directly:

    I.  Support and RMA handling only in their respective timezones. Until
    receiving a replacement unit/components back from Taiwan it may take up to
    6 months. Shipping costs may exceed the price of the unit.

    II.  Original Lanner units will be tested as barbone only. Later assembled
    components are not part of this test.

    III.  Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) at Lanner sometimes is pretty high.

    IV.  If the European buyer is not WEEE registered (and pays for this)
    direct import to Europe is not legal.

    Direct buyers often forget to calculate the high shipping costs from
    Taiwan or USA to Europe. They forget the customs handling fees and the
    exchange and handling fees for the bank.

    Landitec supports frequent resellers with end customer leads and organizes
    marketing actions.

    Where to buy?

    If you're interested in the scope7-8759 or any other scope7 Appliance feel free to drop us a message at "".
    You can also give us a quick call to find the right solution for your needs: +49 2301 91 25 42 - 0

    Additional network modules

    Modul 4 Port RJ45
    Network Modul with Intel Chipset and 4 GBe RJ45 Ports.

    Modul 8 Port RJ45
    Network Modul with Intel Chipset and 8 GBe RJ45 Ports.

    Modul 4 Port SFP
    Network Modul with Intel Chipset and 4 GBe SFP Ports.

    Modul 2 Port SFP+
    Network Modul with Intel Chipset and 2 GBe SFP+ Ports.


    Further Information:
    Further information about scope7:
    scope7-8759 can be ordered here:

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