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  • This is my issue.. i installed xenserver hypervisor on a server and installed pfsense onto a VM. Now i have 4 nic cards on this server. One connected to a switch amd the switch connected to a modem and a PC. continuing on i have set up pfsense so that my wan port uses dhcp and my lan port is assigned statically… Now all ip address are under the 192.168.1.x network.. for some reason i cannot access the web gui when i type in the ip address for the lan.. please help.. thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If the WAN is 192.168.1.x you will have problems on the LAN out of the box since it is and you cannot have the same subnet on two interfaces.

    Use the console to change the LAN network to something different that does not conflict and then you should be able to access it.

  • im having a some what similar issue my problem is when im loged into the webgui its working fine then when i try to click on another location like this, it was darkstat access it just goes unresponsive i can not get to the login it says is unresponsive i had to fix it before by reinstalling but it did it again trying to figure out darkstat. internet still works i just cant get on it to change anything els 2 times this has happened now and its really pissing me off im on the latest version for awhile before this started happening again for like about 2 months i was able to log into it every day with no problems and stayed on it to monitor bandwidth but when i try to change stuff it nopes me please help anyone?

  • There's a known but elusive bug that sometimes disables the UI entirely, perhaps it's that simple. https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6406

    Enable SSH on the unit and SSH in and choose "Restart PHP-FPM" and see if your UI comes back.

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