How to access a FreePBX server behind a PfSense over OpenVPN on the Cloud

  • here is the scenario I have

    I have an OpenVPN access server on Azure, connected to an on-premise PfSense appliance which works well.

    I recently installed a FreePBX server behind the PfSense to have internal PBX system (extension to extension, we don't need external calling) which works well when all extensions are on the LAN.

    We have Linphone apps on our phones and we would like to reach our local extensions when we are out of office by connecting to our OpenVPN server with the OpenVPN app.

    While connected to OpenVPN server, Linphone cannot register to FreePBX server. I have tried port forwarding + NAT.

    Any idea/thoughts?

  • It's the firewall in FreePBX that's blocking non-local IP addresses.

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