Filesystem backup

  • Hello all

    I'm trying to make a full backup of my office pfSense box and of my pfSense cluster at my data-center. First i can't mount a nfs because the kernel and userspace stuff for nfs don't existe (kldload nfsclient => kldload: can't load nfsclient: No such file or directory)
    and finaly is not possible to make a dump of a live filesystem because the snapshot utility is also missed (dump -0Lua => /sbin/mksnap_ffs: not found)
    I don't understand (for the live installable version) why some usefull FreeBSD part of the system is missing because at this time when you buying a server it come with a minium of 150Gb  ???
    There is any solution to get back these feature ? I need to look at the developer version ?

    ps : I need backup because i have a lot of package and generated data (ntop, …)

  • The point is that if you back up your config, when you restore the config it'll install the required packages too (from what I've read here - I've not had to do it myself yet).  That and the fact that the installation size is aimed at working for all hardware, not just brand new stuff.

    My solution was to install rsync and then use rsnapshot (which runs rsync over SSH) to back the pfSense host up across the network.

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