PfblockerNg and OpenDNS

  • Hi all.. i hope someone can answer this.. if possible…
    i have installed and configured pfblockerng and i would like to use openDNS at the same time for web filtering..

    so the idea is to handle the ad blocking thru pfblocker and the web filtering with opendns...

    is that possible?... if so, how do i do it?

    currently i have two rigs, one of them running pfsense nano...

    i appreciate your help..

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    Set the Resolver in "Forwarder mode" and define the OpenDNS servers in the pfSense general tab.

  • You also need to disable DNSSEC for OpenDNS to work.

    First- I'd like thank you for your great work with pfblockerNG

    I'd like to raise a question if you could spare the time. Are there any updates on certificate errors with Safari? I know other browsers behave better, but i have quite a few Safari users.

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    Unfortunately no… Safari seems like the only browser that has this issue...

    Which domains are causing these issues?  If you are using google search for example, avoid any of the links that have "AD" in them...

    You can always whitelist those Domains if its causing that much grief....

  • Thanks BBCan17. Its mostly domains which have ads (ebay, amazon, webmail)…
    Here's another observation:

    When using Safari I get the certificate error. I accept the cert and the white 1x1 gif is loaded instead of the ad. ( works for ports 8081 and 8433)

    When using chrome i don't get the cert error but there's a grey box ("cant load add" tmeout) where the white 1x1 should be...this happens only for https ads

    I dont want to hijack this thread and am happy to move over here:

    Again, thanks for your efforts with pfBlockerNG.