• Hello guys

    We just got our firewall migrated to pfsense and on pfsense i only install and config SNORT and pfblockerNG and it was blocked our LAN based application at first i thought SNORT at pfblockerNG blocking it but it turns out it wasn't so i reset default my pfsense and our LAN based application is still blocked and cant operate.

    so guys any idea how can i allow our application, i already added all blocked alert to rules on Status: System logs: firewall.

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    Your lan based application?  Pfsense has NOTING to do with communication between devices on the same lan..

  • on our previous firewall and a simple router it is working fine

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    Again pfsense has NOTHING to do with communication between devices on the same network.  It is a firewall/router - it routes and firewalls traffic leaving a network to another network!!

    If all your devices on the same 192.168.x.x/16 or 10.x.x.x/8 or 172.16-31.x.x/12 etc.. pfsense has nothing to do with them talking to each other!!

    Now if you go into some details of what exactly is not working we might be able to but talking to has nothing to do with pfsense..

  • it is all on the same network all settings is the same except the router.

    here is how the app works. the app got a server inside our network to connect to the other network and client PC connects to the server like a typical app it uses port 3434 and UPNP. the server got no problem running and connecting but the client PC connecting to the server got a problem.

    on pfsense where else i can see that something is blocking.
    i only look at the system logs: firewall.

    im sorry if im not able to provide so much information i dont know what to look also beside what i provided you.

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    Again lets go over it 1 more time… If this client and server are on the same network.. Pfsense has ZERO to do with them talking to each other other than maybe providing name resolution vs dns??  Pfsense does not have UPnP enabled out of the box so if something is looking for some answer to UPnP even though the other device is on the same network that might have something to do it it.

    Your going to have to give a bit more detail if you actually want help.