OpenVpn client won't connect to router #2's WebGui

  • I have PfSense (router #1) running OpenVpn server.  Works fine, can ping and logon to any 192.168.2.x Lan device via router #1. I drop onto router #1's Lan a PfSense router #2 with just the wizard ran and it's Lan on static so I can start setup remotely in my free time. Can't remote login to router #2's WebGUI on port 80 via vpn but of course I can directly via the 192.168.2.x Lan. I wouldn't think any add'l rules would be needed. Suggestions?

  • The  router #2 will not have a route for the VPN tunnel subnet, so it will send responses to its upstream gateway.
    To solve add a static route for the VPN tunnel subnet and point it to router #1.

  • Virago u were spot on. Working great now! Thanks..

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