Spoofing MAC Addresses

  • I am a bit of a newbie to pfSense and not a professional admin, so please be patient if I ask something stupid.

    I am using pfSense as my home firewall, hosted on a Hyper-V server. I have some software that I want to run on the pfSense VM that sends packets out onto my local LAN using libpcap. The packets are not IP and must be able to change the source MAC address (in case anyone is curious, it is a user mode DECnet router). The packets appear to be getting stopped somewhere, most likely the firewall, but I can't be sure. I have enabled MAC spoofing in the Hyper-V settings for the interface.

    Is this something that could possibly work, or am I hitting a fundamental "by design" issue that cannot be resolved?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense would not/could not stop that. It doesn't filter at L2 (unless you have captive portal enabled).

    You can confirm if the packets leave the firewall by running a packet capture while running the software.

    More likely it's being blocked/dropped by Hyper-V, not pfSense.

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