VPN through pfsense to other VPN?

  • Hi!

    To me this is getting quite complicated. Hope someone will see more than I can after a couple of months trying different tactics trying to get this working..  :(

    I have a pfsense box connected to two different VPNs (IPsec and OpenVPN) and I'm having trouble getting them (the VPNs) to talk to each other. What I'm trying to figure out is how to reach an IPsec subnet from an OpenVPN subnet (and vice versa). OpenVPN -> pfsense -> IPsec. I can successfully reach the IPsec network from LAN and I can reach the LAN from the OpenVPN subnet.

    The OpenVPN server which runs on my pfsense box has:

    The LAN network on the very same box is:

    The IPsec network I'm trying to reach (of which the pfsense box is a client):

    The OpenVPN subnet is allowed to access the IPsec subnet through any protocol but no traffic seems to be able to get through. I do think I might have missed something in the firewall department but not sure what exactly.

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