OVPN clients with same config not acting the same

  • This is a reword of a previous topic that got no replies.

    I have 3 ovpn clients connected to the same ovpn server in a PtMP instance. All 3 clients have the exact same configuration minus things like IP addresses. All the config settings are verified the same with both a visual side by side check of the GUI and a diff of the XML file.

    Each time I reboot, UDP traffic from the client side firewall to the server, such as for NTP and DNS seems to randomly change from being directed down the tunnel to being sent outside the tunnel. Originally today I had 2 clients sending everything down the tunnel and one sending neither DNS nor NTP down the tunnel. I then restarted OVPN on each client now it appears NTP is working fine on all 3 but DNS is not being sent down the tunnel on all 3.

    This doesn't seem to get any better when I switch my tunnels from UDP to TCP. I have the exact same issues.

    Is it possible to send the all FIREWALL GENERATED traffic thru the tunnel? TCP from the firewall out thru the tunnel works great. For example when I run a pfSense update which required pulling the data from the other side of the tunnel, all the update package updates are encrypted but all the required DNS traffic is not. Very frustrating.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

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