Will pfSense pass through VLAN tagged traffic in transparent firewall mode?

  • Hi All,

    Current setup:

    Router (vlan tagged traffic) > cisco switch

    Looking to get the following in production:

    Router (vlan tagged traffic) > pfSense (transparent firewall) > cisco switch
    I'm trying to avoid maintaining VLANs in the firewall. I would like pfSense to act as nothing more than a firewall and have the VLANs configured in the router. [ as in most of the case, transparent mode is best solution to add in place for current production environment, and with trunking pass through vlan tag, then we can easily put the firewall in front of switch to protection different network and vlans.]

    for other transparent mode firewall like Juniper SRX/ Fortinet etc… such mode is working fine, but i do not find any use case or setting via google.. anyone can help is highly appreciate!

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