One wan, Multiple public IP, multiple LAN

  • Hi!

    Im not a network or Pfsense geek and may need some help with a setup. Any help is appreciated.

    I got two different companies in the building, both sharing the same fiber connection. Also have two public IP adresses from my service provider. I dont need any connections between the companies, and one of the company even got their own firewall, so pfsense should be forwarding everything on that ip as an DMZ zone (or?). Both companies also use SIP telephony services.


    wan 1 publicIP1  ->´pfsense firewall -> Lan1 -> company 1 network

    wan 1 publicIP2 virtual IP -> Lan2 -> Company 2 (have their own firewall, with SIP traffic)

    Any tips for a simple setup here?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Must the second company's firewall connect to yours? If it's two IP addresses in the same WAN subnet, don't bother chaining them. Put a switch on WAN and let them keep their firewall entirely separate.

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