• Hi,

    I have squid and squidguard installed.
    Blocked pages won't load, which is better than being loaded. But the proxy response should probably be quite quick with an empty error or blocked message. I don't get the error or blocked message. I get long loading times instead, ending with a squid timeout message (sglerror.php).
    The annoying consequence of this is, that on page that contain blocked ads, it takes ages for the page to load.

    Any suggestion?

  • LAYER 8

    Try accessing the sgerror.php file from lan

    https://pfsense lan ip/sgerror.php or http://pfsense_lan_ip/sgerror.php

    If you don't get a response it indicates either sgerror.php is corrupted or not available at default location (/usr/local/www)


  • Thanks for your reply, Ashime.

    As soon as I made the pfSense webgui available over http instead of https, the issue was gone…
    To me that's a pfSense error, but anyway, things work alright now.