Configuring NtopNG to log to external MySQL server

  • Hello, how do you setup NtopNG to log to a remote MySQL server ?
    do I need to edit  /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ ?

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  • Hi, I have ntopng installed and configured to log historical data to mysql.  However on restart of service it seems to replace the rc script with original package settings.  Is there a way I can prevent this behavior?

    # This file was automatically generated
    # by the pfSense service handler.
    # Updated 2017-03-01 to support historical data logging to MySQL
    # ntopng parameter : -F "mysql;{host|socket};{dbname};{tablename};{user};{password}"
    # or
    # ntopng parameter : --dump-flows "mysql;{host|socket};{dbname};{tablename};{user};{password}" 
    rc_start() {
    		/usr/local/bin/redis-server --bind ::1 --dir /var/db/ntopng/ --dbfilename ntopng.rdb &
    	/usr/local/bin/ntopng --data-dir /var/db/ntopng --pid /var/run/ --dump-flows "mysql;;ntopng;flows;ntopng;password" --dont-change-user --daemon --http-port 0 --https-port 3000 --interface 'vtnet0' --dns-mode '0' --local-networks '' &
    rc_stop() {
    	/usr/bin/killall ntopng redis-cli redis-server
    case $1 in

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    No, you need to patch the package properly as already noted above (or just uninstall the GUI part altogether).

    pkg delete pfSense-pkg-ntopng
    pkg install ntopng

  • Sorry, a bit confused here - but likely me … :(. I am having issues with ntopng though, the GUI seems to keep stopping / breaking, and as well. Two troubling items in the system log file,
    May 27 09:49:19 pfSense bandwidthd: Postgresql logging selected but postgresql support is not compiled into binary.  Please check the documentation in README, distributed with this software.

    Hmmm ... does the installed version of ntopng really include postgresql support? Also, with ntopng down yet again, I also see this in the log quite a bit,
    May 27 16:54:04 pfSense kernel: pid 6475 (ntopng), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)

    Finally, I did check the packages - should both of these exist,
    ntopng-2.4.2017.01.20_1        Network monitoring tool with command line and web interfaces
    pfSense-pkg-ntopng-0.8.6_1    pfSense package ntopng

    Any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated! I can't seem to keep ntopng up and running ... :(.


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