Wan is 200 mb, 3 lan cards one is not going above 1 meg

  • hi

    installed 2.3.2 with the followings:
    1 wan configured as DHCP with 200 Mbs
    lan as DHCP configure as hot-spot
    opt1 as DHCP connected to 3 isa servers each with static ip
    opt 2 as DHCP configure as hot-spot

    the problem is:
    opt1 having only  1 meg per isa server, while lan and opt2 are ruining fine clients having more than 80 Mbs sometimes
    traffic shaper on or off doesn't make a difference for opt1

    any body can help in this?

    thank you in advance


  • Maybe that one NIC is flakey.  (pardon the technical jargon.  <g>)</g>

  • i dont know but it seams this is happening to the other 2 lan cards as well, i tried speed tests the it seams problem is spreading to all my lan cards, when service provider came and check the speed, after disconnecting all my lans/wan, the result was 200 Mbs, but after connecting again the problem appeared again. i will keep working on this issue and post the result when i find the problem