• Hello everybody, noob here:
    I've just started playing around with pfsense and I'm stuck; this is my setup:

    		| isp router|
    |192.168.2.x|			||
    | cisco vlan|			|pfsense wan|
    			  192.168.3.x/24 LAN

    I need to allow every cisco ip phone to communicate with a virtual phone that belongs to 192.168.3.x/24 LAN behind my pfsense box.

    The phones and router are locked by my isp that told me to just allow access to the lan from the 192.168.2.x subnet.
    How can i do that and test it?

    I mean, I've tried to create floating rules to allow WAN subnet (192.168.1.x/24) to communicate to my LAN (192.168.3.x/24) but I did not succeed.

    What is the best way to do that?
    I'll try to get rid of the ISP router asap, but for now it's not an option…

    Any help will be really appreciated.