Restoring Settings to New Firewall

  • Hello all,

    First post for me here and I don't have much experience with these types of firewalls.

    I am trying to restore settings from an older router to a new router. When I restore the settings into the new router the VLAN's aren't being restored properly due the fact the new hardware has the LAN interface named as igb0 instead of em1. Is there an easy way to get the VLAN's to import properly?

    Thank you.

  • Edit your config.xml with a text editor and replace the old em1 with ibg0.

  • I thought that might work. Thanks I will give it a shot!

  • Just wanted to follow up. This worked perfectly, thank you for the assistance.

  • A note for future readers of this thread:

    replace the old em1 with ibg0

    when doing a search/replace in your favorite text editor, always be careful to look and think about where it finds "em1". Quite often it happens that a string like "em1" happens to appear in some randomly-generated long key (e.g. in the OpenVPN section or…), so you do not want to mindlessly/accidentally replace those.

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