IP Not in assigned IP's, being blocked

  • IP Not in assigned IP's, being blocked trying to talk to

    Default Gateway LAN
              Authorized/Assigned IP's - 254
    I am experiencing slow internet traffic and some sites are not populating.
    Youtube works fairly well but Speedtest.net wont work as well as a gaming application that uses voice and text to chat–Discord.
    I have reviewed many forums and posts within this forum and I am still coming up with tons of xbox this and PS4 that. nothing about PC gaming...

    FireWall Rules

      Protocol    Source    Port      Destination      Port    Gateway

    • ipv4          LAN net      *              *                *            *

    IPv4            LAN net      *              *                *              *

  • I suspect that you are likely dealing with some blocked ports.  Since I  have no idea what your firewall rules look like or what traffic is being blocked I can't really say too much more.  If memory serves correctly Port: 8888 must be open for speedtest.net.

    Have a look at this post: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=124237.msg686502#msg686502  it should give you some hints as to how to troubleshoot.  If you post something specific then we may be able to give you more help.  You may have to change some of your firewall rules to log if nothing is showing up in the Filter Log.

    Hope that helps.

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