PF upgrade from 2.1.5 to 2.3.2(1) + PFblocker-NG = duplicated WAN rules

  • Hello all.  Yesterday I upgraded from 2.1.5 to 2.3.2 and then on to  I then installed PFblocker-NG, and all was well.  Today I'm looking around, and I see my 7 WAN rules are duplicated like 240 times.  I clear some out, and then it doubles.  Has anyone seen anything like this?  I was troubleshooting the system remotely, and when I tried to do a restore from a previous config it borked the system.  I think the backup config had RRD Data in it.  I will be reinstalling with copy fo original config, but wanted to see if anyone has seen any behavior with the WAN rules.  Thanks.  BBcan177 great package.  Been waiting a LONG time to try the pfBNG out.

  • It better to disable pfBlockerNG (and DNSBL on older version) before updating/upgrading pfsense or pfblockeNG.

    Maybe disable it, cleanup the rules, enable pfBlockerNG than run a Force Update than a Force Reload All

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    It is even much more better to uninstall all packages before doing such upgrades of ancient pfSense versions.

  • Sorry everyone I failed to mention that I uninstalled all packages before upgrading from 2.1.5 to 2.3.2.  I also did force the reload.  When I got home the system was hosed, but console was up.  It showed the XLM RRD Data error above all of the console menu options.  I tried to reboot from menu, and it just repeats XMP error without reboot.  I tried to Halt from menu same thing.  I ended up having to go into the shell, and halt from their.  Seeing that I had just upgraded I still had the install disk & config USB, so I just reinstalled.  I also reinstalled the pfBlockerNG package, and only setup my 4 IPv4 lists, and 4 country codes to block.  DSNBL and CIDR Aggregation have not been enabled.  I'll enable those in a few days to see if they are responsible.  I checked this Morning, and only 1 set of Rules for the WAN interface.  Wierd issue I see is when I installed pfBlocker-NG the old pfBLocker menu entry shows up.  It does not work, but seems to be stuck in the menu structure when pfBlocker-NG is installed.  When pfBlocker-NG is uninstalled the pfblocker menu entry is removed.  Wierd.

  • Update - I have not seen the duplicate FW rules under the WAN interface since the reinstall.  I think I am going to turn on de-dup in pfB-ng, and see if creates the behavior.