6in4 openvpn tunnel between 2 pfsense firewalls

  • I've 2 pfsense servers.
    One vps with an IPv4 and an IPv6 address
    One server in my home with only an IPv4 address

    I want to give my home server an IPv6 address through an openvpn tunnel. I've tried already using a tunnelbroker, but then i can't watch netflix due to the HE blockade from netflix.

    I'm pretty new to this and i have no clue how to set this up and there are no guides online as far as i know.

    thanks for your help!!

  • A simple approach would be : use your 'home' pFsense and he.net
    On the 'he.net' WAN interface, block with a alias list (or IPv6 list) all known 'netflix' addresses.
    Works for me ™

    I guess VPN (openvpn server and client ?) is IPv6 ready - but are you for the setup ? ;)

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I will do that in the future, but i was exactly curious on how to do this.
    I'm running pfsense 3.2.1 so I'm ipv6 ready.

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