Mail attachement blocked by pfsense

  • hi,

    i have a problem with the mail attachment,
    as soon as i installed and configured pfsense, mail attachment were blocked.

    any attachment that size exceeds 100 Ko can't  be sent.

    mails without attachment or attachment size is less than 100ko are transfered without any problem.

    what can i do to correct this situation?

    PS: i don't have dmz, i have just lan and wan.

    thank you for replaying

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    pfSense is not a L7 firewall. It doesn't know anything about mail attachments. No info here to debug.

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    yeah pfsense out of the box couldn't have anything to do with this.  Are you running any 3rd party addons..

    More info would be needed for sure to try and help you find out what is going on.

  • Thank you for the reply,

    i think that the problem is due to pfsense because when i stop it mail attachments are transfered regardless of the size.

    more details:

    1- i have lan with any configuration (vlans or workgroups or …)

    2- i have wan with public addresses,

    3- lan is connected to internet with a leased line

    4- i have a dns server for name resolution and it acts as a gateway to the pfsense machine

    5- i added Shalla's blacklists and blocked youtube, facebook and extensions (asf|wm|wma|wmv|cab|mp3|avi|mpg|swf|exe|mpeg|mp.|mpv|mp3|mp4|flv|wm.|vpu)

    6- i don't have any 3rd party addons

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    pfsense doesn't care what your sending, its tcp - it doesn't know if its a http or ftp or https - its just passing tcp..

    How are you sending the email via some web like gmail or yahoo?  Are you using some client like outlook or thunderbird?

  • all users are using webmail, nobody uses mail client.

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    The amount info your providing is staggering!!!  What freaking webmail?  webmail loads the attachment different, before the email is being sent - so your saying you can not upload the attachment.  What is the error your getting.

    The method used to upload the attachment is prob going to a different fqdn, using maybe some sort of applet, etc.  lots of things going on - but if your not even going to give what company google, yahoo, somethingelse?  How can we look to see the method they use to upload the attachment?

  • hi,
    there is no error said, just "loading failure".

    users use several types of web mails, google, yahoo, hotmail…etc.


  • to add a blacklist you need a addon either squidguard or pfblockerng.

    snort might possibly cause something like this as it is deep inspection.

    I think this point needs explaining more

    5- i added Shalla's blacklists and blocked youtube, facebook and extensions (asf|wm|wma|wmv|cab|mp3|avi|mpg|swf|exe|mpeg|mp.|mpv|mp3|mp4|flv|wm.|vpu)

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