Possible bug: Alias

  • After a few months running 2.3.2, I upgraded  to 2.3.3-RELEASE (amd64).

    When I go in and edit a rule or add a new one on this page in the rule-editor: firewall_rules_edit.php?if=wan

    Two things happened: The "Single host or Alias"-dropdown doesn't bring up the list with aliases when I start typing it in the textbox next to it.

    Also, the custom port (alias) is gone in the same screen. There isn't an option "Alias" (port alias) in neither the From or The to port dropdown.

    The aliases that did exist from before the upgrade seems to work, but I can't get to use any of the port or IP-aliases.

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    Never been an "Alias" option with ports, AFAICT. It's called (other) and takes aliases just fine.

  • Nothing is appearing here on selecting Other either. Even when typing parts of the alias.

    As mentioned, in addition, it doesn't appear on selecting "Singel host or alias".

  • I just tested it in Internet Explorer, and there it works.

    However, I use/used FireFox 51.0.1 (32-bit) and it's not working there. But then at least I have a way around it.

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    Works just fine in Chrome as well…

    Generally, FF is something I'm getting rid off everywhere (and apparently this is a general long-lasting trend, looking at the market share.)

  • @fireix:

    However, I use/used FireFox 51.0.1 (32-bit) and it's not working there.

    Well, FF 51.0.1 / 32b no problem for me (on 2.4B) on that selection you mentioned.
    Step into the "Custom" field and start typing the Aliasname.

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