Add dictionary to FreeRADIUS?

  • I want to add a vendor-specific auth string to freeradius.

    The vendor doc says, basically:

    1. add their auth string to the reply items for user. This I can do in the pfSense freeRADIUS UI
    2. Add a new dictionary that defines this auth string
    • This I have to do how? acc to the FreeRADIUS docs, I add a dictionary file and make sure it is included by the main configs.
      The pfSense package does not provide the facility to do this via the UI, so I got onto the CLI and found:


    To this directory, I added a new file


    And to this file – /usr/local/share/freeradius/dictionary -- I added a $INCLUDE line just like the others already in there.

    QUESTION: How do I get FreeRADIUS to pick up these dictionary additions?

    I can't seem to restart the service on the CLI.

    There's no "reload config" button (or the equivalent) in the UI

    Please help!
    I edited this

  • I figured it out myself. I probably wouldn't have without posting here first, though. You know how that works.

    1. I had a syntax error in the vendor file. I fixed that.

    2. To reload the service, do

    service restart

    I'll re-edit this if it turns out this didn't actually work.

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