Can't seem to SNMP across interfaces

  • Hi

    I have a Mikrotik-AP hanging off interface igb2 (WIFI) with an address of I also have my LAN interface on igb1 addressed as  I would like to do an snmpwalk from a machine ( connected to to the AP at

    The Mikrotik is setup to listen on 0.0.0./0 ( all addresses ).

    I have created a rule to allow UDP traffic from LAN interface to the WIFI interface on ports 161,162.

    I have a laptop connected to WIFI with an address of - it can do an snmpwalk across the AP fine.

    From the firewall itself I can do a bsnmpwalk across fine as well.

    I can see the rule being triggered when attempting an snmpwalk from to - but it just times out.

    A packet capture on the WIFI interface only shows this:

    22:58:24.586120 IP > UDP, length 40
    22:58:25.587230 IP > UDP, length 40
    22:58:26.588424 IP > UDP, length 40
    22:58:27.589628 IP > UDP, length 40

    and this is in the firewall log

    Mar 10 22:58:32	LAN	 SNMP Access to wireless access point (1454148788)	UDP

    How do I go about getting this working?