Dual wan using cable

  • Hi Guys

    After reading the numerous threads here I am even more confused. I have installed pfsense and have 2 cable connections, wan and opt1, both of which have received an IP address, however where the confusion comes in is setting up load balancing. Both interfaces are set up as per this guide http://www.netlife.co.za/content/view/34/34/ .

    The crunch comes when I try a site like www/whatsmyip.com to see if the IP address changes, however it never does so there is obviously a problem with something. Does anyone here have a similar setup that could pass me a few pointers, alternatively let me know what further information to provide.

    Be gentle :-)

    By the way, the gateways for both cable connections are different. This, I think, means my problem lies with firewall rules.


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