SG-2220 Power Issues

  • I have noticed with two new SG-2220's that the power cable seems to have a less than reliable connection to the device itself.  What I have seen now with one device is that the cable can become unseated if the device gets jostled.  Admittedly, most of the devices live their lives in racks, but I also use them out at client engagements, so jostling is just part of the package.

    Recently, I have a remotely managed client that has bricked their SG-2220 (okay, not fully bricked, but requires reinstall from memstick).  I am beginning to suspect the file system got corrupted because of too quick power cycles (having seen this corrupt an SG-2440 which required a reinstall from memstick).

    Am I the only one?  Should I go the electrical tape trick and tape the power supply down?



  • Netgate Administrator

    Hi Bob.

    It's certainly not a common issue. If you are seeing the device being moved sufficiently that the power cable is being removed then some sort of cable restraint may be required.

    Personally I would rather see something like this in a suitable size:

    So the cable can be removed when required without leaving a sticky mess on everything.


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