OpenVPN to Access IPSec Traffic

  • Hi There …
    I've a Setup of IPSec and OpenVPN on the Same pfSense Firewall, both connections are working Fine.

    IPSec is used to connect to a Remote Server, whether
    OpenVPN is used to connect to the pfSense Firewall to be used by the Users

    While directly connect users to the pfSense Firewall (using a Switch), the users can get access to the IPSec Traffic, but
    using OpenVPN (for Remote Users) users are not able to access IPSec Traffic

    NOTE: IPSec Remote Gateway is hosted with a 3rd Party, so can't get a direct connection for users to this.

    Thanx in Advance ...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You need a Phase 2 definition on the IPsec tunnel that covers the OpenVPN subnet going to the remote IPsec network.

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